Renewing Passports Online in the Information Age

Renewing passports used to be a process that required an in-person visit to a passport agency. This is no longer the case because this renewing passports online can now be accomplished entirely from home. The experienced companies that provide this service work with the relevant government agency to expedite paperwork processing. They also offer customer assistance throughout the passport renewal process.

The passport renewal process used to require an appointment in order to get the renewal. Even with an appointment, the applicant was often forced to wait at the agency upon arrival. The process has been streamlined because it can now be accomplished via the Internet and mail. The added convenience and time saving aspect of this method make it more appealing to many who need such services.

The online service providers assist throughout the renewal process. They provide all relevant forms and instructions on their Web sites. In addition, they verify that the forms have been completed correctly and that the proper document has been submitted. They even staff a customer service team to provide answers to questions that arise. All the applicant needs to do is complete the necessary forms, provide the existing passport, and have passport photos taken. make passport photos.

The passport photos must meet certain requirements stipulated by the government. The applicant will need to provide two identical photos measuring 2×2 inches taken from a frontal view. There are additional requirements regarding permissible attire and eyewear, so be sure to read the guidelines. It may be best to have a professional skilled in passport photos take these pictures in order to prevent rejection of submitted photos.

For all of the added convenience they offer, these service providers charge a fee in excess of the government’s charges. The fee for the company’s service must be made payable separately in the form of a check or money order. The government fees must be made payable directly to the government agency. Both payments should be included in the package containing the renewal application.

The application, payments, photos, and existing passport should be packaged together and sent to the provider via a traceable mailing method. UPS and FedEx both offer package-tracking services so they are just two options. Tracking will allow the applicant to trace the route of the package and verify delivery. In the unfortunate event that the package is lost en route, tracking services will allow it to be easily located.

In addition to passport renewal and issuance services, these online providers also assist with replacement of lost or stolen passports and adding pages to existing passports. Each of these services may be requested with rush processing for an additional fee. The quickest turnaround time for any of these services is 24 hours.