How NOT to Coach Youth Football – The Worst Youth Football Coaches, How Not to Become One

Youth Football Coaching Horror Stories

Most youth football associations are begun by and worked by volunteers. There are many like those in the Utah Ute football meeting in Salt Lake City, where the League and Clubs are run, very efficient and where they place a premium on preparing mentors. Then again there are different associations where the administration is egotistical, with numerous clubs having needs that have neither rhyme nor reason.

One glaring model rings a bell. I got a frenzied call last week from a mentor in Florida. His club had four groups in it. Two of the groups in the association didn’t score a solitary score last season. The other group had extremely helpless outcomes. Then again our legend’s group wound up going to the end of the season games, barely losing only 3 games for the whole season. His group had only 14 normal players and needed to contend with much better groups that had between 25-28 players, The group our companion took over had fundamentally the same as results to the next 3 groups in the club the prior year he assumed control over this group. His folks adored him, 8 unique children scored scores, each of the 14 children conveyed the ball at any rate once, everybody that played for him the earlier year joined to play again this year. You would figure those in control would be giving this mentor a decoration and a procession down central avenue right? Assuming not that, in any event sort out the thing he was doing another way than the other 3 groups and attempt to imitate his prosperity right?

What are These People Thinking?

The top of this association felt the explanation the associations groups had fared so ineffectively was on the grounds that “they weren’t adequately extreme”. This people prerequisite for next season is a general practice plan for each of the 4 groups that puts an immense premium on “strengthening” the players. Presently as indicated by our companion the 3 groups in this club that did so ineffectively last season, everything they did was ‘harden kids up” during training. While our companion was working fit and freeze football plays, power hour and birdog drills, different groups were running their children till they hurled or scrimmaged the greater part of training.

Psyche you the solitary group in the association that had any measure of accomplishment was a group that utilized my framework and practice approach, which puts a premium on movement showed wonderful essentials. As a considerable lot of you that are utilizing my framework know, we do a lot of structure and fit and freeze work during our practices. We are firm adherents that children will possibly play forcefully on the off chance that they first know precisely what their duty is on each play in each situation and furthermore that they feel 100% positive about the procedure they should execute on that snap. Put them in a plan like mine where even players of normal expertise can include esteem each snap and even dominate and you have a champ. แทงบอลยังไงมีเงิน Trust in job, duty and method sets kids in a place to be conceivably forceful. Include a strategy where you slip kids into contact so they acquire trust in their methods and their capacity to play actual football and you have yourself a group that plays “extreme” and forceful. Clearly we cover precisely how to do that bit by bit in the book.

The Study

In the long term study I did of the best and most noticeably terrible youth football crews nearby and the country I reliably tracked down that the inadequately performing groups quite often invested about a large portion of their training energy doing max throttle scrimmages. In a decent segment of the remainder of their practices they regularly did loads of max throttle full contact “penetrates” or “strengthening” type bores or molding. Then again the effective groups all around did minimal max throttle scrimmaging, rather they worked a pack on idealizing basics and duties.

What Really Worked

My own groups throughout the last 8 seasons have gone 78-5 and we do next to no max throttle scrimmaging and full contact bores subsequent to “bloodying” the children noses to get the vibe of contact in the initial not many weeks. We utilize our important practice time idealizing strategy and duties, not pulverizing the children by “hardening them up”. In those 83 games we were just out-hit once. We were never out-hit in any out of alliance games or out of state competition games. Our children love contact and desire contact since they have incredible strategy, we restrict it and just give it out as a “reward” and in light of the fact that the children can “play quick” since they know their work in our plan advances, in reverse and sideways. The children speed up into and through contact since they know with the appropriate method they won’t get injured and they will be effective. You don’t get that by hurrying children into contact prior to consummating base structure. Whenever you’ve idealized base structure then you move onto adding pace, points and shifts in course, however you do it in a movement with fits. It is totally clarified in the book and DVDs.

Incredible Example of What NOT to Do

Here is an illustration of what some adolescent mentors are doing, this individual I’m certain is a pleasant benevolent individual, BUT he is anything but an excellent football trainer. Would you be able to mention to me what’s going on with this image? The awful instructing model:

What’s up With That Picture:

Mentor clearly has not shown the children how to execute a structure tackle, they have their head on some unacceptable side 70% of the time, they have their head down 60% of the time, they don’t have their knees twisted 75% of the time, they don’t wrap up 80% of the time, they don’t have a steady contact point 100% of the time. They toss the ball back as opposed to running it back with only one ball in the drill and go through the drill rather than around it, spending 30% of the drills time. They get one rep off about each 45-50 seconds. This drill ought to be finished with one rep each 10-12 seconds with a few balls or no balls, to the point the children and you the mentor are breathing somewhat substantial. The children are drilled and the drill takes such a lot of training time, yet could without much of a stretch be adjusted. Clearly these children have never strolled through a fit and freeze point structure handling drill.

The Biggest Sin

The most exceedingly awful thing to me is the mentors acclaim kids that are clearly doing the drill mistakenly and much of the time hazardously. I’m in support of commending kids for each seemingly insignificant detail, down to tying their shoelaces appropriately, BUT it’s perilous and counterproductive to applaud them for handling inappropriately. This is an incredible illustration of how not to do a drill and an extraordinary illustration of how to burn through training time with almost no substantial outcomes. At any rate those perusing this post can profit on how NOT to do a handling drill.

I understand these children are youthful, yet I don’t know what any of these children got the hang of during this “football training”. These children neglect to handle well or do anything football related well by any means.